Image about Innovative proactive Quality Control System for in –process multi-stage defect reduction

Industry is demanding solutions to avoid End Of Line (EOL) failures, solutions able to predict the defects before they are generated and solutions to immediately react and act over the generated defects when they are detected, without having to wait until the final stage of the manufacturing chain.

Industry must produce the high quality final products at reasonable price by a low scrap and low investment manufacturing. Therefore, industry is demanding the use of intelligent and integrated inprocess measurement techniques to continuously monitor their processes, ultimately obtaining safe and stable products.

The new integrated quality control solution proposed by MuProD involves technological, modelling and methodological innovations thus leading to the development of new hardware and software solutions. This innovative Quality Control system approach will radically change the traditional off-line quality control techniques by offering an in-process solution that will reduce up to zero the defective parts and scrap amount produced in manufacturing, obtaining more stable, reliable, competitive and sustainable production processes.

18/12/2103 Zero tolerance for manufacturing faults
EU-funded researchers and industrialists are developing monitoring tools for the production line that can prevent and correct defects faster. This innovation will reduce costs, downtime and wastage, and lead to better, safer products.
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10/2013 Paper- Proactive Quality Control System for Defect Reduction in the Production of Electric Drives, D. Coupek, A. Verl, J. Aichele, M. Colledani

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